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How many times a day are you in one location, but seeking to get to another? Assuming you're someone who works outside your home, you probably have to change location at least twice — you have to get to work, and then you have to get home. You may also need to go a few other places, like to the grocery store or out to a restaurant for dinner. Transportation plays a big part in your day, for sure. We love writing about transportation, and you can read what we have to say on this blog. You can even read our posts on your smartphone while you're being transported in a taxi or train!

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4 Times Your Small Business Needs A Chauffeured Car In 2020
13 July 2020

Is a chauffeured car service in your small busines

4 Times Your Small Business Needs A Chauffeured Car In 2020

Is a chauffeured car service in your small business' contact list? If not, this may be the perfect time to add one. Why? Here are four key ways that a chauffeured car can help your company recover in 2020 and beyond. 

1. To Avoid Public Transportation

While much of the country has been freed from heightened concerns about casual exposure to Covid-19 in daily activities, public transportation is still one of the primary areas where you are at more risk. You may need to limit your exposure at times. 

It may not be practical to avoid using the Tube at all, but every business needs options for certain occasions. You might want to call on a car service, for instance, when groups of employees must travel together or when you or your employees are travelling at the busiest times. 

2. To Woo Clients and Partners

Economic recovery is now the driving concern among most small businesses, and you must be able to go above and beyond to get back any business you lost. Sending a chauffeur and car for potential business partners, important vendors, new clients, or even a valuable employee expresses confidence and lets others know that you are serious about your renewed relationship.

3. For Visitors From Other Countries

Not all countries have been as successful in reducing their Covid-19 outbreaks as the UK, so take some extra care with international visitors. If your guest is from a hard-hit region, a private car helps keep everyone safe from them, particularly if they must self-quarantine as well.

And if your guest is nervous about travelling among strangers due to elevated risk where they are from, a chauffeur and car give them peace of mind whether or not it is actually necessary. 

4. When Traveling Among Elevated Cases

Do you have to go where the cases of Covid-19 have recently risen or may be on the verge of an outbreak? If so, keep yourself and your employees safer by isolating them as much as possible. A dedicated car at their disposal helps everyone avoid public areas, trains and buses, and possibly even the need to stay overnight or eat out in a hot spot. 

Some decisions during the pandemic era are more than just dollars and sense. Taking extra precautions to avoid potential exposure, to protect employees and partners, and to show that your business is ready to thrive again are all worth the extra effort. Learn more about options and safety procedures by speaking with a chauffeur service today.